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Sentient City Survival Kit

artifacts for survival in the near-future sentient city

Archive for research

Antennaware technical notes

Antenna design is part art, part science – an alchemy of sorts.

Virtually any conductive loop will pick up some turbulence in the electromagnetic fields surrounding us. Yet there are specific engineering specifications that detail design criteria and parameters for tuning antenna designs for specific frequencies (such as UHF RFID). But what criteria and parameters are relevant if you want to sew RFID antennas into clothing?

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Antennaware material study

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Serendipitor Beta

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Serendipitor – paper version

Settling in @ V2_ in Rotterdam and – working with Rui Guerra – just completed the first paper testing of the routing directions for the Serendipitor. The aim was to see how people responded to different ways of augmenting directions generated by a routing service (in this case, the Google Maps API) with instructions for action and movement inspired by Fluxus, Vito Acconci, and Yoko Ono, among others.

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